Welcome to ThinkingGiving

How do I know my donation is making a difference?

Should I support a large, national charity or a small, local one?

What should I look for on a charity’s website?


To help individual donors answer these and many other questions, SylviaBrownSmartDonors and the Beacon Collaborative have partnered in creating a virtual course that provides straightforward, practical guidance to make thoughtful, effective and ultimately more satisfying charitable decisions.

Whether you’re a long-time but frustrated donor or just starting on your giving journey, ThinkingGiving will give you the tools to maximise your impact and build meaningful relationships with charities along the way.

The course consists of seven modules, each made up of short videos that use a mix of live cases studies, background information, useful advice, exercises and even a few myth busters.  By filling out the accompanying workbook as you progress, you’ll end the course with a personal roadmap for your charitable giving.  It takes about three hours to view the videos and another hour to complete the workbook.  You’ll also have access to frequently updated resource pages and to the Beacon Collaborative’s considerable resource hub. 

Is This For Me?

Thinking about charitable giving, but feeling a bit lost? Worried you might miss something or have a bad experience? Frustrated that your donations are not making a difference? Then you’re in the right place. ThinkingGiving is specifically designed for UK-based individuals who make their own giving decisions – whether you’re at an early stage of your giving journey or a long-time donor who wants to have more impact, even with a small donation.